Phoenix EnviroCorp

Energy Audits

Do you…

Feel an interior draft when you enter a certain room?
Have inconsistent temperature levels within your home (warmer air upstairs/cold rooms)?
Have a concern with indoor air quality in your home?
Have a concern with improper ventilation or high levels of humidity?
Have concerns with leaks in the HVAC system or duct work?
Have a concern with dangerous materials such as asbestos, mold, lead, or carbon monoxide in your home?
Want to reduce your carbon footprint and increase your energy efficiency?
Want to reduce the cost of your utility bills?

Then an Energy Audit is right for you!

An energy audit can help you discover where and how your home is using energy, if it is being used inefficiently or being waste, and provide effective solutions. An energy audit can test the tightness of your home by checking for leaks in the building’s envelope; ensure that spaces are properly insulated with the correct insulation amount and R-value; or test the efficiency and backdraft of gas-fueled appliances or heating equipment (called a Combustion Appliance Zone test).

By consulting with an auditor, you can identify the areas of discomfort in your home and he can inspect for those issues, including excess humidity, hot/cold rooms, or allergies. Not only will improve the health of the building, but also for your family.

An inspection includes a Blower Door test and Infrared Camera imaging, as well as an analysis of the Combustion Appliance Zone. You will receive a full report with an analysis of the home including pictures and a scope of work for improvements.

By identifying the energy problems and implementing solutions, the amount of energy you consume will reduce, possibly reducing your utility bills by 5% to 40%. You may also be eligible for rebates for retrofitting the problems that are identified. An energy audit can also contribute to higher resale value to your house when you decide to sell, or qualify your State or Federal tax incentives.

Lower your carbon footprint, call Phoenix EnviroCorp today for an energy audit!