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Indoor Air Quality Inspection

Indoor air quality can be affected by a vast number of pollutants and contaminants, and in turn, calls for a wide-ranging array of tests. The large number of chemicals that are used in today’s materials can sometimes have a detrimental effect on the air quality and on a building’s occupants. Off-gassing of materials after construction, installation of new carpet, fires, pesticides, defective products…all of these things, and more can affect indoor air quality. This is why an indoor air quality inspection is so important.

One condition that can be attributed to poor IAQ is “Sick Building Syndrome”. This situation often affects a large portion of a building’s occupants and can present with symptoms ranging from coughing and headaches to runny nose and eye irritation. The cause of “Sick Building Syndrome” can be attributed to several factors, including poor ventilation; improper HVAC function, setting, or installation; microbial or bacterial contaminants; or volatile organic compounds, just to name a few.

Malfunctioning, improper installation, or improper sizing of HVAC systems can be a large contributor to IAQ problems. One of the major functions of your HVAC system is not only to heat and cool your air but also to regulate the humidity within your home or business. Low relative humidity within an occupied space can cause respiratory issues in building occupants; high relative humidity can create conditions conducive to mold or bacteria growth.

The list of potential indoor air quality pollutants can include the following:

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Dust Mites
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Dioxide
Sewer Gases
Methamphetamine Residue
Respirable and Nuisance Dust

Phoenix EnviroCorp can test for all of these contaminants, plus hundreds more.

Phoenix EnviroCorp can provide you with answers to your indoor air quality questions. Recognition is the first step to reducing hazards and restoring a safe and healthy environment. Phoenix EnviroCorp’s professionals are highly experienced in identifying hazards, providing testing solutions, and offering long-term solutions to your IAQ needs.