Mold and mildew are common outdoors, but when found indoors, they indicate larger issues. Severe water loss is not the only cause of mold growth, high relative humidity, gaps in wall or ceiling cavities, malfunctioning HVAC systems, and myriad other issues, both large and small, can cause mold growth.

Visible mold growth is not the only cause of concern indoors. Elevated airborne mold levels can also pose several health risks. Even if you do not see visible mold growth, your home or business may still be affected by airborne mold. Sometimes your only clue that your home is affected by airborne mold is allergy-type symptoms including cough, headache, respiratory issues, and fatigue.

Phoenix EnviroCorp offers a wide range of mold inspection and testing services. We have Certified Indoor Environmental Consultants and Certified Indoor Environmentalists on staff, and we are members of the American Indoor Air Quality Association.

We can tailor our inspection and testing services to fit your needs. Our services range from basic, room-by-room air testing, to surface testing of suspect mold growth, to full scale investigations of homes and businesses. We generate remediation protocols that outline specific mold removal and clean up activities. We can even investigate your crawlspace or attic!

From the initial inspection to the post remediation verification (clearance) testing, our team can provide you piece of mind that the air within your home or business is safe.

Put simply, mold does not belong inside your home or business. It is important to consult with professionals who can not only test for mold growth, but provide you with information for remediation and solutions for eliminating the root cause of the problem.

If you are feeling sick or are just curious about the quality of your home’s or business’s air, give Phoenix EnviroCorp a call today!